Dr. Paul Elliott, Neurologist, Celebrates 19 Years of Distinguished Service with the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

Dr. Paul Elliott

November 30, 2020

Dr. Paul Elliott, Neurologist, Celebrates 19 Years of Distinguished Service with the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

Neurologist, Dr. Paul Elliott is pleased to announce that he has devoted nearly two very productive decades of work to aid the collective efforts of the medical and scientific professionals at the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida is just one chapter in a national network of charitable organizations that provide services and programs for those who are dealing with epilepsy across the nation. These services include education on the science of epilepsy, its treatment, and ways an epileptic can better cope with this condition.

These services include a 24/7 help line, community forums, a children’s activity program, seizure education, the “My Seizure Diary” free self management tool advocacy, support for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) support, a wellness institute, and research.

As a board certified Occupational and Neurological Medicine. Dr. Paul Elliott has been a valuable asset to the foundation in the areas of research, education, and advocacy. 

Dr. Paul Elliott has worked closely with the experts at the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida to curate a robust research library and network that encompass the spectrum of discovery from concept to development. Dr. Paul Elliott has helped the Foundation to foster the development of new research professionals to support fresh avenues of discovery which will lead to better quality care and treatments.

In the area of advocacy, Dr. Paul Elliott has been invaluable with his in depth knowledge of neurobiology and occupational medicine. Because he has published and presented scientific studies in Neurological Medicine, occupational medicine, and Osteopathy, his advocacy has come with a depth and breadth of knowledge and authority which make his efforts eminently valuable. 

Likewise, in the foundation’s educational efforts, Dr. Paul Elliott has been a great resource. While scientific knowledge of the brain is far from complete, Dr. Paul Elliott’s expertise and dedication to the cause have brought valuable insights to many people struggling with epilepsy, the friends and families of those living with epilepsy, those who directly care for someone living with the condition, and for many professionals who provide care and treatment for the condition. 

Dr. Paul Elliott’s contributions in time and donations to the foundation have also been instrumental in the progress of the foundation’s Wellness Institute. This organization is dedicated to the prospect that those who live with epilepsy are entitled to the fullest and most productive life possible.

Today, Dr. Paul Elliott continues to provide Adult Neurological Consultation and Diagnostic Testing for patients dealing with a host of conditions and has been praised highly by both his peers and patients.